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Award Nominations

Nominations are now open & end on October 7, 2022 @midnight
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Bishop of the Year Award

The Bishop of the Year Award celebrates the outstanding achievements of a deserving individual who consistently demonstrates exemplary leadership skills, economic & spiritual growth, compassion and outstanding community service both within and outside the confines of the walls of their respective church. These recipients set high standards for themselves, hold themselves accountable at all times, offer guidance, assistance and council to colleagues, congregation & the community. By all accounts, this recipient goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Distinguished Community
Service Award

The Distinguished Community Service Award recognizes and celebrates the efforts of one deserving individual who works well within the confines of their respective church home but who also goes outside the walls and into the community. This individual is actively involved in their community. They strive to make a positive impact on their community and spends a great deal of their time volunteering and making a difference. This recipient must exemplify love, passion, humanity, accountability and considers the struggles of the less fortunate.

Circle of Excellence Award

The Circle of Excellence Award celebrates one deserving individual who strives to make a difference in the world around them. This person has made a moral and conscious decision to stand up for what's right. Hence, this deserving individual goes above and beyond the call of duty. This person is a leader and a community advocate who works within their church and community without ever looking for a pat on the back. This person has a vision and exudes the work of Christ.

Angel in Disguise Award

This special award is reserved for a special individual who treats others the way they want to be treated and is careful to entertain strangers. This recipient possesses a strong compassion for others and shows a sincere devotion to giving generously of their time and resources. They are kind, considerate and unselfish. This award recipient does not get weary in well doing and cares about justice for the poor. This person is well respected in the community for their integrity and commitment. Without hesitation, this award recipient does the right thing when nobody is watching because it's the right thing to do.

NOTICE: No purchase necessary. These awards are presented at the annual Bishop's Ball black tie affair in the month of November. The nominee must have demonstrated a significant change in their community or shown responsibility in bringing about positive self-awareness or change for the betterment of the community. Nominations that do not meet the mandatory requirements will be DISQUALIFIED.  Award nominations must​ be submitted online no later than July 31st.

Nominate a deserving Mid-South faith-based leader
Nominations close at midnight July 31, 2022

Nomination Submitted

Disclaimer: Please note the awards committee reserves the right to change the nominator's selected category if another category is deemed more appropriate. 

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